Home Inspection Recently Identified Problems

This page shows common problems found in homes by Keystone Home Inspection. It helps homeowners, buyers, and real estate experts learn about small and big issues that can come up in any property. The goal is to highlight how important a thorough home inspection is.

  • Windy spring conditions can cause ridge vents to peel back. Part of a spring maintenance assessment should be taking a good look at the roof and its components. The seller had no idea this was damaged and wide open.
  • These outlets were found in a garage. 2 prong service, spliced extension cord wiring feeding a second outlet and 3 prong ungrounded.
  • Make sure you check your wash machine lines every few months. Better yet upgrade to a metal braided NON burst line. This near miss was caught in during a home inspection. This issue can be catastrophic when a first floor laundry line bursts when no one is home.
  • From time to time you should be taking a peak inside your sump pump pit. If you see mud/sediment the system needs to be jetted and cleared. Leaving an occlusion to this degree will cause a wet foundation.
  • A waterfall appeared in the crawl space coming from the master Jacuzzi above that the plumber forget to attach a drain line to.
  • This garage roof looks more like a Hawaiian lava field than an actual roof!
  • There's nothing like finding a nice little "mouse house" inside the main electrical panel. Chew marks were found on a majority of electrical line insulating jackets. It's a good thing they didn't end up with BBQ mice!
  • Checking basement support posts on older homes is a must. A light tap with a screwdriver shouldn't result in this!
  • A 5 gallon bucket with a handmade pump and flexible vacuum cleaner tubing doesn't make for a very good basement sump system!
  • On the phone my client mentioned in passing that there are water stains all over the bedroom ceiling and the seller expressed that there "MAY" be a "MINOR" roof issue somewhere.
  • Another good reason as to why a home inspector should ALWAYS be in the attic regardless of how difficult it is. The homeowner told the buyer it's a "great working fireplace". It would be a great working fireplace if you want to burn your house down since I found the chimney taken apart an disconnected in the attic. Unreal. ANOTHER SATISFIED CLIENT!
  • This washing machine hose was bulging and close to bursting. I always recommend that first floor wash machine lines be changed out to braided metal non burst.
  • This is a good example as to why it's important NOT to have downspouts terminate at the foundation. Within 6 months, this new build began developing a sink hole with heavy ground erosion below. Downspouts should discharge a minimum of 6 to 8 feet from the home.
  • This is a steel I-Beam supporting a concrete patio. The water damage was so extensive, I could pull huge chunks out of the beam by hand!
  • The electrical outlet was overloaded beyond its capacity. This can cause the circuit breaker to trip, or even an electrical fire.
  • Safety Hazard - Homeowner circumvented safety controls on garage door opener by taping together both electric eyes. This now poses a hazard to children, pets and personal property.
  • Here I see indications of flame roll out from the heating chamber on this water heater. Flame roll out can be an indication of serious problems with either the burner assembly or improper venting.

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