Common Issues to Look for When a Cleveland Home Inspector Comes to Your Home

There are many common things that are seen by home inspectors, and a lot of them can lead to major problems, like leaks, with your home if left unattended. If you have hired a Cleveland home inspector, then make sure you have them check these things before the inspector leaves your home. It can save you time, money, and frustration by knowing about the problems now instead of when you start having issues where water is leaking into your home.

Things to Look for When Getting a Home Inspection Done in Cleveland

There are many issues that can lead to water problems in your home, if not noticed on a home inspection. Water problems are some of the most common problems that stem from issues that can be caught during a home inspection. There are a few places to look at to ensure you are not going to have water seeping into your home in the near future.

-          The roof: roofing materials do need to be replaced after a while, and if you do not notice a problem with them early enough, it will be water spilling into your house during a storm that alerts you to the problem.
-          The foundation: having gaps around your foundation, or a slope that leads towards the house instead of away from the house, can lead to your home getting inundated with water each time you get a heavy rain or a big melting of snow. You should also be looking around the foundation of the home for cracks that could lead to leaks in the crawlspace or basement, or could be eroding the slab your home sits on.
-          Stucco: if your home is covered with Stucco, you are likely to have a building material that is going to last you many years if you have all of the gaps filled in, but if the bottom part of the Stucco, called the weep screed, goes below the sidewalk, patio, or other concrete surface, any water that gets behind your Stucco is liable to end up in your home.

If you are looking for a Cleveland home inspector, or you need to have a home inspection in Cuyahoga County, then make sure you call in Keystone Home Inspection. They will come out, do a thorough inspection, and leave you with a report that you can count on for total accuracy. Schedule your home inspection today by calling (216)469-8600.

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