Questions You Should Be Asking Your Cleveland Home Inspector

Your house is one of the most important purchases you will ever make. Knowing it’s condition before you buy is crucial. A home inspection can help you to determine in what shape the house is in, which can save you from buying one that is in need of significant repairs. The inspector will look not only at the structure itself, but also electrical work, plumbing, roofing and insulation. Your presence at the inspection, while not mandatory, is highly recommended. There may be things that you don’t understand, and for this reason, it is important to ask questions.

May I See Your License?

Home inspectors in Cleveland, Ohio are required by law to carry their home inspection license on them while on the job. He or she should be able to produce it when asked. If they cannot find it, or worse, don’t have one, you should go with another company. You may also want to inquire about the inspector’s training and experience. Really good home inspectors have several years of experience and can tell you all about any recent training they have attended.

How Serious is It?

A home inspector isn’t going to make small repairs seem like they are a make-or-break situation that needs to be addressed or else the house will fall down, nor will they tell you a relatively big issue is no big deal. If you aren’t sure how serious an issue with the home is, don’t be afraid to ask. Your home inspector will most likely be able to tell you just how bad, or not, the problem is so you can understand how important it is to fix.

Who Can Fix It?

If you want to have an issue fixed, don’t be afraid to ask who you might need to fix it. Odds are, the inspector has a few recommendations readily available for larger issues, such as roofers, plumbers or electricians. This way, you can get a few bids in to figure out if the repairs are going to be worth it, or if you should ask the seller to take care of them. For smaller issues, some inspectors might even be able to tell you that you can fix it yourself, and can even tell you where to go get the parts.

Can You Show Me Where That Is?

Part of your Cleveland home inspection service is receiving a full, detailed report when the inspection is over. But if you’ve spent most of the time taking photographs and measurements, there’s a good chance you won’t have any idea where the trouble spots are that are marked on the report. Rather than wait to get home to go over it, ask the inspector to go over where the issues are that he or she has noted. When you finally get the report, you’ll know exactly what they are talking about.

How Does That Work?

You’ll be seeing a lot of valves, knobs and buttons in the house, from the kitchen appliances, to the thermostat to emergency shut-offs. Don’t be afraid to ask how they work. Better to ask now than to get into the house after buying it and not know how to work anything in it.

Knowing the condition of your potential home before you buy is important. And having the help of a quality Cleveland home inspection service is important. Contact Keystone Home Inspection for more information.

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