Signs of Foundation Trouble

Have you noticed a crack in your foundation? How can you tell if it's a harmless part of the settling of your home or if it's a sign of more troubling things to come? That is where your home inspector comes in. Learning the signs of foundation trouble are important to know if you need to call in a home inspector or if you can hold off. However, foundation problems can wreak havoc on your entire home so it's important to know the signs of trouble.

Several signs your foundation is in peril

There are many signs you can look for around your home to see if that crack is harmless or dangerous. These signs will help you to know when it's time to call in the home inspector as well. If you notice your walls are leaning or the floors are sloping down at an angle, there are some issue with the  foundation itself. Checking your walls can be done with a laser level to make sure how straight they are.

Other signs include your doors or windows in the home getting stuck, not closing at all, or becoming harder to shut. If you notice the walls appear to have cracks as well in places above the doors or windows, this could be a sign of trouble. Glass may also have cracks in them or your tile floor may start to crack as well. Water may start to stand in your basement which is a sure sign that your foundation is having problems. You may start to notice bulges in the foundation or walls, or you may see gaps taht show up between the ceiling and the walls themselves.

what to do

If you notice these signs around the home, what is the next step to take? Getting a home inspection by an experienced and certified home inspector is a great way to approach the trouble. They can come in and do a full inspection of your foundation to ensure that if you have problems, they are taken care of right away. You can also work with a structural engineer, along with your home inspector, to make sure that everything is covered.

foundation repair costs

If your home inspector finds issues with the foundation, you should be prepared for the cost to repair it. You first must realize that the longer you wait to repair the damage, the more cost you are going to incur as the cracking does not stop. You can be prepared to pay several thousands of dollars to repair the foundation of your home. On average, most people spend around $6,000, but it has been over $10,000 depending on the damage and how long the home has been left.

Selling your home

If you're trying to sell your home, you may want to think again before fixing the foundation damage. Consider this: When you start to work on your home, permits have to be pulled. Those permits then are public record and anyone considering buying your home will have access to them. Even if the work is completed, you may never get an opportunity to tell a potential buyer the issue was fixed. They may see those permits having been pulled and go somewhere else for their dream home.

Consider asking about selling your home as-is to someone who is in real estate investment. You can contact a home inspector to write up a report so that the investor has one and everything is out in the open before the deal is complete.

A home inspector is there to help you know what damage has been done to your foundation and a good route to pursue once the inspection is complete. If you suspect your foundation is in trouble, do not hesitate to call them today. 

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