The Dangers of Vermiculite

Have you ever heard of vermiculite? It's a strange word that could lead to dangerous consequences if you have it in your home!

Vermiculite is actually a naturally occuring mineral that can be used in various products which include fireplaces, acoustic panels, and insulation for attics. By itself, vermiculite is not dangerous. The trouble is that, during the period from 1919 to 1990, over 70% of all the vermiculite that was sold in the U.S. was from a mine near Libby, Montana which also had a deposit of asbestos in that same mine. This vermiculite was sold under the brand name Zonolite. If you know that you have vermiculite in your home, you should assume that it may be contaminated with asbestos and make sure to minimize your exposure to the material by not disturbing it.

If you find that you have vermiculite in your home, you must either make sure to leave it completely undisturbed, or hire a trained professional to remove it. DO NOT attempt to remove the insulation yourself.

If you suspect you might have vermiculite insulation and would like a second opinion, Keystone Home Inspections is available to do a thorough inspection of your entire house and advise you about possible issues with your home. Please contact us if you would like to schedule an inspection.

For more information about identifying vermiculite, check out the EPA's website.

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