What is Being Covered When You Get a Home Inspection?

So you are getting a home inspection in Cleveland, Ohio or a nearby area. Typically, this means you are either refinancing your home, or buying a new one. In either case, it is important that you know what is being looked at on the home during an inspection. That way, you know what type of responses you are going to get when you see the final report. Here are the most common things that home inspectors look at when they perform home inspections.

The Parts of the Outside of the House Looked at During a Home Inspection

When your Cuyahoga County home inspector comes out, he or she is going to look at the outside of the house first. They want to look at the structural integrity of the foundation first. Cracks and crumbles in the foundation could be a sign that the house is not structurally sound, in which case, it may not be able to be lived in. They are also going to look at the lot the house is on. They want to ensure it will drain properly when it rains, not all flow right back to the house and flood it.

They will also want to look at the structure of the house from the outside. This includes looking at the siding and the roofing, and seeing what condition those structures are in. If they need to be replaced soon, that will be mentioned in the report. They are going to look at the windows and vents to ensure that nothing is obviously leaking, too.

The Inside of the House Gets a Thorough Looking At, Too

When the home inspector goes inside, they are going to look at each system of the house, plus each room. They want to check the condition of the electrical and plumbing systems, the heating and air conditioning system, and the appliances within the house. They will seek out any smell they find during their inspection, and look for any signs of problems like rodents, water leaking, mold, termites, and flood damage. This will be done on each floor of the home to ensure the entire house is safe to be lived in.

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