It's 2024 -- Should You Hire a Home Inspector for a New House?

Are you building a new home and assume that you don’t need a home inspection? After all, it’s new, right? Wrong! There are many reasons you need to hire a home inspector for your new home that will save you money and headaches in the long run. 


Fortunately, new home construction already requires a lot of inspections before the home can be bought and sold. However, a formal new home inspection by a home inspector may be a vital step in getting the home you wanted. In fact, home inspections in Cleveland can really be a time and money saver. You may be able to fix small problems during the home inspection process that could eventually evolve into larger, more expensive problems. 

A home inspection is a complete evaluation of a home’s structure. Home inspectors start at the foundation and walls of a home and move to the flooring, plumbing, electrical work, and even the appliances. A home inspector will look at the drainage on your property and the appliances the contractor or home builder has chosen. Your home inspection can allow you to repair issues with your new home before you move in.


The first inspection that your new home will have is also called the pre-pour inspection. The pre-pour inspection generally checks the following:

  • Line placement for vent lines, drain lines and waste or sewage lines. 
  • Water lines. 
  • The plumbing and piping. 
  • Erosion issues from oil drainage and soil makeup.
  • Elevation issues on the property.

If there are problems with the pre-pour inspection, the contractor cannot move forward until the home can clear the inspection.

Once the home passes the pre-pour inspection, the next inspection happens during the framing or drywall process. This inspection is just as important as the pre-pour inspection. The framing inspection usually includes the following:

  • Bearing walls, beams and any other framing.
  • Nails, screws and studs.
  • Stairwells.
  • Fire walls and fire retardants.
  • Any leaks, wet areas, or mold.
  • Plumbing. 
  • Wiring. 
  • HVAC or duct work.

The final inspection, which is performed as the home is nearing its completion, is the most thorough inspection. On the final inspection, here’s what inspectors are looking at:

  • The roof, gutters, and chimney.
  • All of the exterior of the house, including any sheds, the garage, and any decks or patios
  • Doors and windows
  • Crawlspaces, the foundation, and the basement.
  • The HVAC system and ductwork.
  • All of the plumbing, including sump pumps, toilet, sinks and bathtub.
  • The entire electrical system, including circuit breakers and conductors.
  • The attic and insulation.
  • All appliances.

If your home passes all three inspections, you can be confident your home is ready for you to move in without worrying about any surprises. Not sure if your home has been checked fully? Home inspections can be done at the request of the home buyer at any time to ensure the home is safe and in perfect condition. Contact us at Keystone Home Inspection for more information.

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