Why Get A Home Inspection?

Purchasing a home is certainly an exciting time in one's life, however, there are a number of precautions that you need to take before going ahead with any deal. While the paperwork and legalities are ironed out by most buyers, one thing that most of them forget is to conduct a home inspection. Getting your new home inspected by a professional inspector is something that every homeowner should do before moving into the house.

Inspection Mandate

While some homeowners prefer getting the home inspected after a deal has been finalized, experts recommend that the inspection should be done before you even consider finalizing a deal. Most potential buyers think twice before they spend extra on a home inspection. While a professional home inspection does cost a bit, it isn’t something that is worth ignoring.

Some prospective buyers even put in a clause in their agreement with the realtor if they are unable to conduct an inspection right away. Most realtors agree to void the agreement without any penalty if the inspection reveals something glaring. Let's look at a few reasons why a home inspection is so important.

Foundation Problems

One of the major problems that realtors do not reveal to potential buyers is a problem with the foundation of the house. While it is not easy for the foundation of a house to go weak, when it does, it causes a safety hazard for anyone living in it.


Home inspectors look for repairs in their preliminary inspection of the house. They usually rate their findings based on the severity of the problems. This could range from minor defects to a major defect and in some cases, safety issues. They will check which of the items in the house need replacement and which of them need to be serviced or repaired.

They will also mark items that may be suitable for the moment, however, they will need to be monitored very closely in the near future. If you are a first-time homebuyer, you will even be given tips by a professional and efficient inspector. These tips would include routine maintenance of the house and how often it needs to be done.


Once the interiors have been covered, the inspector will then check the exteriors of the house and look of any damage to the walls or any other problems that the homeowners may face. These could include spaces under the house that can be inhabited by rodents or other nuisance wildlife. The inspector will also check the roof of the house and look for any broken tiles or any potential leakage problems.

The exterior walls of the house will be thoroughly examined by the inspector. They will look for cracks along with missing sidings or wood worms that could potentially destroy the walls. While the home inspector can only check for preliminary damage done by termites and other pests, if you feel that the problem could get out of hand you may need a pest inspector as well.


The inspector will also check the garage doors and see if they are opening and closing properly. They will also check for ventilation in the garage to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

Once everything has been checked, make sure that you submit a copy to your realtor and get them to fix the small problems before you move in. However, if the problems are too many and could pose a hazard in the future, it is best to opt out of the deal. Getting a professional home inspection conducted is one of the best ways to stay safe and save on a lot of money in future.

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